Affair (2016) 720p HDRip 550MB

Movie Title: Affair 2016 AKA 외도 (oi-do)
Director: Choi Woo-seong (최우성)
Stars: Lee Eun-mi-I (이은미), Ah Ri (아리), Ahn Min-sang (안민상), Choi Chae-il (최채일)
Genres: Erotic •Melodrama •Romance •IPTV – Internet TV
Format: Mp4
File Size: 550MB
Resolution: 1280×704
Running time: 1h 17m
Sub :
Language: Korean
Source: Affair.2016.720p.HDRip.H264.AAC-CINEFOX


The more stealthily you do, the more you are drawn into…
Soo-yeon lives a dull and boring life daily because her husband is always busy with work and goes fishing when he is not working. One day, Soo-ji, one of her high school friends moves to the house next door. When Soo-yeon happens to watch sneakily Soo-ji and her husband Sang-min having sex, her desire becomes so strong that she becomes to have hard time trying to suppress it. Soo-yeon ends up having passionate sex with Sang-min one day when Soo-ji is away on a business trip.
That night, as Soo-ji spots Soo-yeon and her husband getting out of a car together and her husband being sweet with her, Soo-ji becomes suspicious of an appropriate relationship between the two. Next day, when Soo-ji asks Soo-yeon to meet her outside, Soo-yeon reveals a shocking story to her.

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