Yong Ju Gol 2015 720p HDRip 650MB

Movie Title: Yong Ju Gol 2015 AKA 용주골
Director: 최우성
Stars: 이채담, 진서현, 민도윤, 주향운
Genres: Drama
Format: Mp4
File Size: 650MB
Resolution: 1280×704
Running time: 1h 34m
Sub :
Language: Korean
Source: 용주골2015.1080p.HDRip.X264.AAC-ob2



The wife has had two elite company employee, Taishan. One Little House Hyun wife. One wife Yumi The office has a secret relationship in the company. Two years ago, a new employee who was boss of Tai Hyun and disappears Iron Hyun like a child getting lost a year ago, while children are married to each other, but the nature, Yumi and gives up the Taishan power. Taishan and Yumi are leaking from night to prepare bids for the company, Hyun will visit his lover tenderly, as the company is concerned about Taishan.

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