Missing You 2015 720P HDRip 750MB

Movie Title: Missing You 2015 AKA 널 기다리며 (neol gi-da-li-myeo)
Director: Mo Hong-jin (모홍진)
Stars: Sim Eun-kyeong (심은경), Yoon Je-moon (윤제문), Kim Seong-oh (김성오), Oh Tae-kyeong (오태경)
Genres: Thriller
Format: Mp4
File Size: 900MB
Resolution: 1280×704
Running time: 1h 48m
Sub :
Language: Korean

Source: Waiting for you _Missing You, 2015.720P.HDRip.H264.AC3-obame


A little girl named Hee-ju who lost her father to a serial killer named Ki-bum 15 years ago awaits for his release. Ki-bum is released from prison after serving his sentence. Dae-young, a detective follows Ki-bum closely as he remains suspicious of the ex-con. A serial killer who has been waiting for his freedom, a detective who has been waiting for the killer’s release, and a little girl who has been waiting for something that remains a mystery…