Velvet Kiss 1 2013 720p 550MB

Movie Title: Velvet Kiss 1 2013 AKA ベルベット・キス
Director: Toshiya Konami
Stars: Ruka Kanae, Ren Ayase, Ayumi Tokitou, Koichiro Murata
Genres: Drama, Adult
Format: mp4
File Size: 550 MB
Resolution: 1280×704
Running time: 1h 11m
Sub :
Language: Japanese

Source: [heponeko] Velvet Kiss 「ベルベット・キス」 (2013) [NECO 1280×720 h264 AAC]


An ordinary office worker, Nitta, has been in luck recently. One day, a stranger comes to his office and says that he’s the guarantor of his elder brother’s debt. Now he’s bewildered with a sudden debt of 80 million yen, but the man tells him that the debt would be eliminated if he becomes someone’s friend. A meeting place is arranged and he soon encounters a young lady, Kanoko. As she innocently takes him around, Nitta wonders about the situation, but they end up having sex on that first day. But he quickly comes to know how his life will totally change.